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Products | Deeply dig into the value of advertising monetization data, TopOn launches three refined reports


In order to help developers master in-app user behavior data and better optimize revenue from advertising, TopOn has recently officially launched cohorts report, user activity report and hourly report. These reports comprehensively present users' in-app advertising activity data from the perspectives of the differences in advertising display between new and old users, advertising frequency distribution and traffic trend graphs. Based on the detailed data report provided by TopOn, developers can easily implement scientific advertising monetization optimization solutions.


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Cohorts report

The meaning and function of indicators

The main factors that affect the LTV of new users are user retention rate, advertising penetration rate and per capita advertising display, etc. In order to help developers improve LTV and better reveal the correlation of various influencing factors, TopOn provides the following data indicators to evaluate the effect of advertising monetization:

1. Calculation formula of new users-penetration rate on the Nth day: the number of ad display devices retained by users on the Nth day / the number of new users on the day

2. Calculation formula of retention users-penetration rate on the Nth day: the number of advertising display devices of the retained users on the Nth day / the number of retention users on the Nth day

3. Calculation formula of new users-per capita display on the Nth day: ad impressions of retained users on the Nth day / number of new users on the day

4. Calculation formula of retention users-per capita display on the Nth day: the number of ads displayed by the retained users on the Nth day / the number of retention users on the Nth day

For a better understanding, here are further examples——

Assuming that 100 new users were added on the first day and 50 users were active on the second day, among which 25 users saw the ad and the total ad was displayed 75 times, then:

(1) New users: the advertising penetration rate on the second day: 25/100 * 100% = 25%

(2) Retention users: the advertising penetration rate on the second day: 25/50 * 100% = 50%

(3) New users: the ad display per capita on the second day: 75/100 = 0.75

(4) Retention users: the ad display per capita on the second day: 75/50 = 1.5


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Optimal operation based on cohorts report

Generally speaking, the higher the 4 data indicators show, the better the user's LTV performs. Based on the cohorts report, developers only need to do the following to easily increase LTV:

1. The more retained users and the longer retention time we gain, the more opportunities there are to create value for the game. On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the playability of the game, that is, the product competitiveness.On the other hand, it is also necessary to select effective user acquisition channels to ensure user quality, so as to achieve the improvement of users' LTV.

2. The higher the advertising penetration rate we achieve, the more users the advertising covers, the more helpful it is to increase LTV. For example, developers can use TopOn's segment grouping function to distinguish in-app purchase users and implement a more frequent advertising display strategy for non-in-app purchase users, thereby increasing the penetration rate of ads.

3. Maximize the number of ad display per capita. For example, developers can design the entrance of rewarded videos for game content, turn on the automatic refresh display mechanism of Banner/Native ads through TopOn, find the best display interval for interstitial ads with the help of AB testing function and frequency control capping function, etc.


User Activity Report 

The meaning and function of indicators

In order to better evaluate the display effect of users in different ad slots, TopOn provides display frequency data with ad slot dimensions ranging from 0 times,  once,  twice... until 25 times +. Its meaning is the ratio of the number of users who watched the Nth advertisements to the number of active users.


TopOn user activity report page

Generally speaking, the high frequency ratio of native ads and banner ads will be higher than that of rewarded videos and interstitial ads, because the latter two must have certain conditions to trigger ad display, so developers can compare the display frequency data to judge whether the ad placement configuration is reasonable. On the other hand, there is a positive relationship between advertising monetization revenue and display frequency. If the display frequency is reasonably increased, the advertising monetization revenue can also increase.


Optimal operation based on user activity report

1. Combine the game content and set up multiple advertising portals to cover the user's basic usage scenarios as much as possible and increase the advertising exposure.

2. Turn on the function of automatically requesting ads in TopOn dashboard and set up multiple ad sources to request in parallel to increase the turnover rate of ad inventory. So that users can get ad exposure immediately when they have ad display needs without wasting any exposure opportunity.


Hourly Report 

The meaning and function of indicators

Observing traffic trends and analyzing the time distribution characteristics of traffics from the fine-grained hours, , it helps developers to understand the characteristics of user groups more comprehensively and formulate effective and feasible operating strategies. 


TopOn hourly report

Optimal operation based on hourly report

1. The hourly report provided by TopOn supports minute-level updates, which is convenient for developers to know traffic changes in time and quickly adjust their monetization strategies. For example, after the game is launched, the display data of each advertising space can be checked for the first time, which effectively avoids the uncertainty caused by data blind spots and improves the efficiency of operational decision-making.

2. After mastering the time distribution characteristics of traffics, developers can obtain excess revenue through TopOn's segment grouping function, using the time interval as the grouping condition and put the advertising sources with short-term advertising advantages on the head of Waterfall.

In addition to the above data reports, TopOn also provides full reports, cross-promotion reports, and data management reports refined to the advertising space level. To know more, please visit TopOn official website (www.toponad.com)