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TopOn ChinaIn Alliance


Want to Enter the Chinese Market?

We Can Help!

Recently, TopOn officially launched a project -  TopOn China Alliance to help overseas developers enter the Chinese market. TopOn, as a platform, will build the bridge between game developers and local service providers.



What is

TopOn ChinaIn Alliance?

TopOn China Alliance, One-step servie to help overseas publishers release apps in China so as to expand Chinese market.We connect with local service providers: Distributor, Translation service, Agency, Media Buying Platform, Ad Network, Mediation.



What We Can Do?

If you want to publish your apps by yourself,

TopOn can share the information of local service provides with you:

  • Issuance agencies
  • Media buying platforms,
  • Qualification
  • Product optimization providers

If you want to work with a local distributor,

TopOn can introduce the top ones like JoyPac, MagicStudio, Tencent and so on to you. Local distributor will help handle the entire project and sync to developers.

Besides, TopOn provides monetization solutions,

We help to maximize your revenue and profit in Chinese market:

  • Smart Ads Mediation Platform
  • Intelligent and Efficient Mediation Function
  • Real Transparent Data Insight



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About TopOn

TopOn, the world’s leading mobile advertising mediation tool, focusing on providing advertising monetization operation management and optimization services for global mobile developers. Based on the intelligent mediation management tool by big data, TopOn provides developers with convenient monetization management functions. On May 2020, TopOn announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round financing. The investor was Shanghai Xianqin Venture Capital Co., Ltd.