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Products | TopOn officially launch Funnel Report, quickly identify fluctuations factors of ads revenue

As ads monetization becomes more and more frequent in commercialization of mobile apps, developers are more proficient in design, test and platform selection of in-app advertising, while there is also a need to understand the causes of data fluctuations. Recently, TopOn officially launched Funnel Report, which details the entire link of application from app launch to user clicking on ads, helping developers quickly identify fluctuation factors of advertising revenue.


TopOn funnel report diagram

TopOn Funnel Analysis Report

Based on the logical of "App launch-Ad request-Ad impression", TopOn funnel report is divided into different process accordingly: App launch>Get Strategy>Requests>Fill> Call isReady> Call show> Show success> Effective impression> Click, it supports custom indicators based on time, application, ad place, ad scene, region, SDK version, application version, etc. to visually observe device status, ad ready and display status.


  • Indicator description



App launch

The App launch and successfully initialize the TopOn SDK

Get Strategy

Request placement strategy from TopOn server


The number of times an app requests has been conveyed from App to TopOn


After the App sends an ad request to TopOn, TopOn returns that the ad request is filled successfully

Call isReady

The App calls TopOn's isReady method

Call show

The App calls TopOn's Show() method.(Native and Banner ads trigger TopOn's show logic)

Show success

The number of times an ad is shown, calculated by TopOn SDK.

Effective impression

TopOn received the impression callback from the Network SDK


The number of times an ad is clicked, calculated by TopOn SDK


  • Conversion rate description 


Conversion rate

Calculation formula


Fill rate

Fill rate=fill times/Request times

Show success rate

Show success rate = Show success /trigger impression

Effective impression rate

Effective impression rate = Effective impression / Successful impression

Click through rate

CTR=Click/ Successful impression

Number of devices

Landing rate

Landing rate = Number of isReady research app /Number of app startup devices

Trigger rate

Trigger rate = Number of trigger display devices /number of app startup devices



  1. The number of times is calculated by trigger events on the current day, and the number of devices is the number of devices that trigger events on the current day to remove duplicates.
  2. When querying data for multiple days, the chart data adopts the summary row data, and the number of times, the number of devices are the sum of the data of each day.
  3. The funnel report supports querying the number of devices by SDK version and application version. When a device is updated on the same day, the system will count as two devices.


Analysis path based on funnel report

  • Internal and external factors

Use funnel report to compare the event data over a period of time to observe the performance of the data continuity.

External factors: If the conversion rate of each link in the funnel analysis report is similar and the advertising revenue has declined, you can focus on non-ad request factors such as advertiser budget.

Internal cause: If the conversion rate of each link of the funnel analysis report declines and the advertising revenue declines, you can focus on the impact of the application version update.


  •  Device status analysis

Device stability is the basis for advertising monetization of application. When user open APP, advertising platform will obtain information about user’s device. Through the funnel report, developer can observe the number of APP launches and the ratio of the number of devices to the number of ad requests, and evaluate the application network status, repeated calls, application version, SDK version and other factors.


  •  Ads Ready status analysis

The advertisement Ready status reflects advertisement preparation status of user before entering the advertisement scenario. The main factors that affect Ready status of ads include ad request logic, ad platform loading speed, number of ad caches, number of ad platform accesses, and waterfall bottom price settings. You can clearly observe the Ready status of advertisement by funnel report’s data, and screen relevant factors one by one.


  •  Ads display status analysis 

Ads display status is mainly affected by user in-app behavior. When developers notice data abnormal of ads display status, they need to evaluate whether ad formats selection, ads trigger scenario design and in-app ads entry design are reasonable, and at the same time evaluate unnecessary ads placements of internal design such as canceling/merging, then adjust them accordingly.


The TopOn funnel report is now open for developers to test and use. Developers who need it can contact our business operations, view more on our website(www.toponad.com)