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TopOn has passed ISO 27001 certification, providing additional protection for information system security

In November 2021, TopOn officially passed the international information security management system ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 standard certification. The success of this certification also marks that TopOn has internationally standardized information technology and information security management capabilities.


ISO 27001 is currently the most authoritative, rigorous and widely used information security management system (Information Security Management System, ISMS) certification standard recognized internationally. The scope of this certification includes: computer software development, providing customers with programmatic advertising solutions, and information security management activities in the process of advertising platform maintenance services for network-wide traffic mediation monetization solutions.



ISO 27001 conducts a full range of assessments from organizational management, physical and environmental security, information system acquisition, development and maintenance, and information security incident management. It requires companies to build a high-level information security management system, ensuring user information security and high stability and sustainable development of the operating system during the actual operation.


Through the establishment of an information security system, companies can enhance their internal security awareness, strengthen the protection of information assets, and avoid legal compliance risks brought by information security, thereby enhancing their own trustworthiness and achieving long-term development.



ISO27001 information security management certification is an international standard that measures the establishment of an information security management system (ISMS) by an enterprise. The certification shows that the rationality and effectiveness of TopOn's internal information security management system design have been recognized by international standards, and it has reliable guarantees in terms of information security and business continuity.


Since the official launch of the product in 2018, TopOn has been adhering to the "100% un-biased and transparent" service position. We provide advertising platform mediation management and revenue optimization services for tens of thousands of popular mobile games and applications around the world, helping companies to efficiently increase revenue under the premise of safety and compliance.