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Webinar | How to develop a Monetization Strategy under COVID-19

Mobidictum is a mobile gaming news platform that focuses on the game industry in Turkey. TopOn has became one of the Gold Sponsors of the Mobidictum Business Network #2! Where TopOn will also participate as a speaker with great support!

"Mobidictum Business Network #2” brings the mobile game industry together on September 1-2-3. Get your ticket: https://events.mobidictum.biz/

On 2nd September between 16:30pm to 17:00pm (BST), TopOn and Mobidictumis running a webinar: How to develop a Monetization Strategy under COVID-19. 

The webinar will have three main sessions:

  • How casual games and ad monetization developed during Covid-19

  • Develop an advertising strategy in a COVID-19 world

  • Brief introduction about TopOn Mediation Platform

Monetization for different markets

Last – but not least – we have Harry Yang, the chief marketing officer from TopOn. He’s going to explain how countries overseas have been advertising their games and what we can learn from them, as well as how you should develop a strategy and how ad mediation might help.

Every market is different. And the more you understand about the culture and trends, the more effectively you can advertise your game. So by the end of Harry’s talk, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to plan your advertising strategy.