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Intelligent Aggregation Management Tool

Every advertisement exposure gets the most valuable fill rate and the highest revenue from top ad networks

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Intelligent Promotion of Ad Revenue

Header Bidding

Pick and display the ad with the best eCPM after real-time requests and comparison among networks for each impression.

Waterfall Layering

To guarantee the most reasonable waterfall configuration and select the best ad resources through setting eCPM price floors for each ad network.

A/B Test

A/B test is a good way to optimize strategies and improve revenues. It can help select the best monetization proposal according to the real data through comparing different ad strategies.

Segment Group Management

Group users according to certain rules, such as country, channel source, etc., to realize the refined operation of advertising monetization.

Cross Promotion

Developer's exclusive cross-promotion advertising network can implement the construction of product matrix, increasing the Ad Revenue and integrated with direct advertisers. Furthermore, combining the attribution tools and TopOn's ROAS intelligent optimization function can achieve comprehensive tracking of channel effectiveness.

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