All-In-One Ad Monetization Solution

TopOn is an ad mediation platform that helps global app developers manage ad networks conveniently and maximize revenue lightly. Relying on big data + cloud computing, TopOn collects global mobile marketing resources, which can optimize the choice of advertising delivery, improves the filling rate and eCPM, and maximizes user retention and advertising revenue.
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Maximizing revenue based on big data algorithm

Intelligent application monetization

In order to realize the maximum revenue of advertising, we rely on big data to analyze user behavior in real-time, and adjust the waterfall dynamically.

Global server deployment

We have been deployed server nodes globally, and adopted intelligent operation and maintenance mode which ensure server stability and connection efficiency.

A/B Test

Our algorithms will run an A/B testing with segmented user-groups. Maximize ARPU by combining retention forecasts with revenue data from ad placements.

Publisher’s Revenue Comes First,100% Unbiased

Convenient data management, revenue will improve at least 20%

We provide accurate ad performance reports of different applications in all media sources which are transparent and convenient, for higher revenue that over 20% than before.

Multiple ad formats in reach

Provide ad formats of Native ads, Interstitial, Banner and Rewarded Video, meet all kinds of advertising needs of publishers.

  • Native ads
  • Rewarded Video
  • Banner
  • Interstitial
  • Splash

Integration of global high quality advertising platform resources

Supported platforms





Adobe Air

Professional and timely service

Experienced team

Senior R&D team with years of experience in product development, big data, advertising and monetized optimization.

Uninterrupted service

In-time response, the first time to respond to the needs of publishers, to solve system experience problems.

Customized service

According to the specific needs of developers, combined with application characteristics, target groups to provide personalized advice and solutions.

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