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Annual Advertising Monetization Report of China Mobile Games in 2019

China, one of the largest mobile game markets in the world, is still growing rapidly. According to the official announcement of China, in 2019, the scale of China's mobile game market exceeded 22 billion US dollars, up 13.0% year on year. At the same time, We analyzed and tracked the 10 billion advertising impressions generated by more than 60 million users of more than 2 thousand mobile games, and get the Annual Advertising Monetization Report of China Mobile Games in 2019. This report will show you the advertising monetization effect of China mobile game market in detail, as well as the popularity of different advertising formats in mobile games.


In this report, we divided games into casual games, midcore games and hardcore games. The next day's user retention effect of casual games is the best, and the long-term user retention of midcore games and hardcore games is more advantageous. In mobile games, three types of advertising formats are mainly used, rewarded video ads, banner ads and interstitial ads. Generally speaking, these formats can be found in casual games, but the midcore games may not use banner ads, and the hardcore games basically only used rewarded video ads. Among the casual games, the interstitial ads bring the most revenue to the developers, accounting for 58.80%; while the midcore games and hardcore games are based on rewarded video ads, 64.87% and 99.65% respectively.


We also compares the performance of different advertising formats. eCPM of rewarded video ads is the highest, and it is loved by advertisers, developers and players; the overall revenue performance of interstitial ads is the best, banner ads is the most displayed advertising formats, and it can bring stable advertising revenue. The user value of IOS is higher than that of Android, especially in the rewarded video ads, IOS is up to $10 more than Android.


According to the change of eCPM median of China Mobile Game Advertising Monetization in 2019, the peak value of China's advertising monetization revenue is concentrated in the second half of 2019, and is affected by holidays, such as school holidays, Spring Festival holidays, and some e-commerce festivals. So for mobile game developers interested in entering the China mobile game market, we suggests that games should be prpared in the first half of the year so as to participate in the second half of the year and get more advertising revenue.


To download the full Annual Advertising Monetization Report of China Mobile Games in 2019https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dO7yKFobUCYojCHTR6zLzZcseu88CSpC/view?usp=sharing 


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