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TopOn Global Mobile Game Advertising Monetization Report | 2023 H1

TopOn, a global mobile advertising mediation platform, has officially released the "2023 H1 Global Mobile Game Monetization Report". This report aims to help you understand changes and trends in the global mobile game monetization market and enhance revenue for mobile game products. The "Global Edition" and "China Edition" of the report cover 83 regions worldwide. By analyzing mobile game monetization data for the first half of 2023, the report delves into the current status, changes, and future development trends of mobile game monetization in Tier 1 (T1), Tier 2 (T2), and Tier 3 (T3) regions, providing insights to assist global mobile game developers in understanding the latest dynamics of mobile game monetization.


The Report includes:


01  Overview of Global Mobile Games Advertising Monetization Data   

02  Overview of Monetization in Casual Games Advertising

03  Overview of Monetization in Midcore/Hardcore Game Advertising

04  Overview of Ad Monetization in Main Markets

05  Summary and Trend Forecasting



01  Overview of Chinese Mobile Games Advertising Monetization Data

02  Overview of Monetization in Casual Games Advertising

03  Overview of Monetization in Midcore/Hardcore Game Advertising

04  Summary and Trend Forecasting


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