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Pangle x TopOn In-App Bidding Open Beta Partnership Announcement


TopOn, a world’s leading mobile advertising mediation platform, is excited to announce the addition of Pangle to the demand sources supported by our in-app bidding solution. In open beta, bidding with Pangle is automatically integrated into TopOn, allowing developers to go live immediately, without the need for manual approval, which is the latest development in our mission to help developers grow their businesses.


In-app bidding has gained significant momentum in the last year, as more publishers, demand sources, and mediation platforms make it a business priority. This is where the industry is headed, and we're excited about the future of bid-first and bid-only. Moreover, in-app bidding enables every demand source to bid in an open and fair real-time auction and significant increases their ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user) when switching from waterfall to bidding. It presents developers and publishers with opportunities for incremental gains in monetization revenue. 


The benefits of in-app bidding are not limit to revenue. By removing the burden of maintaining complex waterfalls, bidding helps developers and publishers increase operational efficiency. This enables teams to focus on driving more impact where it matters most, including having more time to improve ad experiences, introduce new titles and focus on UA to grow their player base. 


When getting started with our in-app bidding, there are some best practices that developers should keep in mind: Firstly, build a hybrid-bidding solution: In order to maximize revenue of each impression, you may need to set strategies flexibility according to characteristics and actual communications from each platform, please maintain both waterfall and bidding simultaneously. Secondly, use A/B tests: A/B tests make it easier to learn the amount of revenue attributable to bidding. Moreover, ARPDAU is the key metric: When measuring performance, ARPDAU provides publishers with a holistic metric to measure the revenue generated from each user and accurately determine bidding’s impact.


TopOn will continue to support additional networks once they’re ready with their bidding solution, to help developers maximize competition, demand, and of course, revenue. To learn more about Pangle for TopOn in-app bidding, please reach out to our account team or business@toponad.com to request access.