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WEBINAR | Making games in a COVID-19 world

Making games in a COVID-19 world
Trends, lessons, and strategies we've learned from 2020 so far
 Webinar   |   September 23rd 2020   |   2:00PM - 3:15PM BST

Get the popcorn ready. You're invited to our upcoming webinar on the 23rd September, where we'll be sharing how exactly developers can update their global strategy for casual games in a COVID-19 world.

We'll cover:
  • Insights from 2B+ monthly players, with an update on key metrics, including retention, ARPDAU, Session Length, CPI, and more (GameAnalytics)
  • How to leverage your data and learn from proven marketing strategies to grow your game (Adjust)
  • How to develop an advertising strategy during COVID-19, and the advantages of ad mediation (TopOn)

Come and join us immediately!