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AB Testing: An Effective Way to Find the Maximum Revenue of Advertising Monetization

As an ad mediation platform, TopOn focuses on providing monetization and optimization services for mobile game and app developers worldwide. Recently, we launched a practical function A/B testing.

A/B testing can be enabled directly via TopOn dashboard without code and version. It can optimize the ad monetization strategy based on the accurate and intuitive test data results, thereby improving LTV and maximizing revenue


What is the A/B testing?

The A/B testing of the mediation platform is one of the most intuitive and accurate ways to verify the monetization strategy.

How it works?

The users are randomly divided into two groups (developers can control the proportion of each group). Meanwhile, different ad strategies are implemented for this two groups, for example the order of different ad networks in the waterfall or different Floor price setup etc. Then their results are tracked and collected to analyze and evaluate which group of users performs better, then the better strategy will be implemented on all users.


What are the advantages of it?

Restricted by time-consuming and lack of development resources, many developers cannot flexibly adjust their ad monetization strategies which cannot be verified efficiently by objective and accurate test data, so as to improve monetization revenue.

However, A/B testing can significantly improves the efficiency of identifying the monetization strategy:

1. Time saving
It supports the adjustment and configuration at any time, so as to timely respond to the necessary changes of monetization and improve the market competitiveness.

2. Saving development resource
AB testing can be enabled quickly with a simple configuration in the dashboard of TopOn, with no additional development required.

3. Free code, Free version
It can be opened through the dashboard, and it does not need to update with each release, which can reduce the risk of testing.

4. Revenue maximization
A/B testing can explore optimal monetization strategies to maximize revenue.



What can developers do with it?


1. Waterfall sorting

  • Verifying which ad sources sorting can achieve better revenue
  • The comparison of revenue by using Header Bidding or not
  • Classification of setting eCPM floor price and no classification
  • Using one ad platform vs. Using multiple ad platforms


2. The test of advertising effects

  • Advertising display frequency and interval
  • Advertising request form, Parallel or serial


3.The test of traffic grouping

  • Verifying the impact of traffic grouping and non-traffic grouping.


How to Open it in TopOn’s Background?

Developers log on to TopOn's dashboard, click Mediation, find Waterfall Setting and enter it, and then select AB Test Setting to open or close.

The path is as follows:

Login TopOn’s dashboard → Mediation → Waterfall Setting → A/B Test Setting


Immediately find your monetization revenue maximized with TopOn!