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Adjust, TopOn, and Ougry Take The Lead in Cooperation With GameAnalytics, Which Launches Its Mobile Game Solution——The GameDev Toolbox

GameAnalytics, a subsidiary of Mobvista, has launched its first one-stop mobile game services platform—GameDev Toolbox, which provides free mobile game solution retrieval services for mobile game developers around the world.


GameAnalytics is dedicated to providing free game analysis tools for independent game developers, game studios and large game operators around the world. So far, it has been installed in more than 100,000 games, and handled 1.75 billion requests from active users every month across more than 24 billion sessions. It helps game development teams with real-time data analysis on their game products so that they can improve their gameplay in a timely manner for optimal retention and increased revenue.


The GameDev Toolbox, launched by GameAnalytics, provides a list that encompasses hundreds of different mobile game platforms, service providers and tools around the world, as well as links to them. In doing so, it enables developers to identify the best fit localized solutions for mobile game optimization, monetization and marketing by searching keywords in specific categories according to their needs. So far, the mobile advertising monitoring and analyzing tool Adjust, European advertising platform Ougry, mobile advertising aggregation platform TopOn, among others, have joined the platform as the first solution providers.



"The days where developers would simply make a game and then launch it via an app store are long gone", said Ioana Hreninciuc, CEO at GameAnalytics. "Mobile game developers now use a whole raft of tools and technologies to help them design, build, monetize and market their games, which can be daunting for companies transitioning to mobile from other platforms, or building a mobile game for the first time. With so many different services out there we decided to bring them all together into a central, time-saving tool, freely available to developers everywhere."

The directory has been designed to be easy to navigate and search by category and company name. There is a useful feature which allows developers to send an inquiry to multiple service providers with just a few clicks, with vendors are then able to respond directly - making it a valuable way for vendors to also find new customers. Every company listed on the site is checked to ensure the services and tools they offer are authentic and trustworthy.

GameAnalytics has partnered with global app marketing platform Adjust to make its marketing and ROI analytics easier to adopt, especially for growing game teams. "Together, Adjust and GameAnalytics power nearly every significant hyper casual company in the world with superior measurement, fraud prevention and automation offerings. Our special integration enables GameAnalytics' customers to use Adjust's solutions out of the box. We are excited about moving the mobile gaming industry forward with this partnership." said Andrey Kazakov, VP Partnerships at Adjust.

GameAnalytics has also partnered with Ogury to help developers ensure GDPR compliance for games, via Ogury Choice Manager. "In today's increasingly regulated world, app publishers need to put users' choice front and center by giving them full control over how their data is processed. By providing GameAnalytics users direct access to Ogury Choice Manager, gaming publishers can easily access a Consent and Preference Management Platform that will ensure compliance whilst enabling them to continue to grow ad revenue." Nandi Gurprasad, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at Ogury.

TopOn is a China-based mediation platform gaining popularity which integrates with all top ad networks in Europe and North America. GameAnalytics users can now quickly get started with this service using their installation tool. "As the top ad mediation provider in China, our powerful and cost-effective solution is gaining traction around the globe. We're excited to partner with GameAnalytics to help all types of developers generate more value and a better understanding of their products," said Christina Liang, CEO at TopOn.