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Focusing on Mobile Advertising Monetization Mediation, TopOn Completed Tens of Millions of Pre-A round of Financing

On May 18th, TopOn as a mobile advertising monetization mediation platform, announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round financing. The investor was Shanghai Xianqin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. It is reported that this round of financing is mainly used for product technology research and development, market expansion and team building.



Founded in 2017, TopOn focuses on providing developers with mobile advertising monetization management tools and revenue optimization services. Until now, TopOn has provided professional services to many well-known mobile game and application development teams around the world. The core members of the team have worked for Alibaba, Baidu, Amazon and other world-renowned listed technology companieswhich means they have many years of experience in advertising platform product development and mobile advertising.

Shanghai Xianqin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is an investment institution that focuses on early projects, focusing on industries such as TMT, mass consumption and healthcare. When talking about why investing in TopOn, Ms. Li Junyan, the founder, said that the current global mobile advertising market is still in a growth period. In 2019, global mobile advertising expenditures will reach US$190 billion and it is expected to reach US$240 billion in 2020. In addition, global app store user expenditures reached US$120 billion in 2019 which is 2.1 times that of 2016. The advertising mediation field that TopOn cuts into is just a need for mobile developers to improve their advertising monetization revenue. The product technical positioning of "professional monetization team + advisory service + convenient tool management" matches the needs of developers at various stages. TopOn's core team has many years of experience in the global mobile advertising field. At present, it has achieved good results in the regional market. It is believed that the follow-up in the global market will also have brilliant results.


Christina Liang, TopOn CEO


TopOn’s CEO Christina Liang said that mobile advertising has now become an indispensable part of the mobile monetization ecosystem and the size of the global market is still growing. At the same time, TopOn is also working hard to explore and meet the needs of developers at different levels of their own development.

First of all, for developers who are new to monetization, TopOn provides a "professional monetization team + advisory services + convenient tools" to meet customers' demands for insufficient monetization experience. Secondly, developers who have already started to monetize have requirements for refined data operation management and some teams will create a proprietary product data BI system, TopOn provides multi-dimensional statistics data API tools and other convenient liquidation management tools for this type of customers to meet the needs of refined liquidation operations and platform operations. Finally, with the continuous development of the industry, the expansion of the developer's own scale and the enhancement of professional capabilities, there will be a stronger demand for data confidentiality. To this end, TopOn has completed the client code open source. With the advancement of the industry, the server code open source is considered in the future to meet the needs of customers to independently deploy the cash management system.

In terms of business model, TopOn plans to realize its monetization profit by building its own Marketplace in the future. It will also consider the open source of the TopOn full platform code to help customers deploy the monetization system and adopt the SaaS system fee system to make profits.

Since the product was officially launched in 2018, TopOn upholds the "100% neutral and transparent" service position to provide advertising platform mediation management and revenue optimization services for more than 2,000 popular mobile games and applications around the world. The cooperation team includes JoyPac, TipTop, Leiting Games, Mini Game, Happy Elements, MicroFun, Cybergate and other world-renowned development teams, helping to achieve good advertising revenue in domestic and global markets for Sparkman, Mini World, Fury Match Man, Devil Lord, Brawl Master and other games.


About Shanghai Xianqin Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xianqin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is an investment institution that focuses on early projects. The main focus areas are TMT, large consumption, medical and health industries. The founder, Ms. Li Junyan, has rich project management experience and a number of successful exit cases. Leading Junmeng games, hotel specials tonight, looking for fun and other companies to go public or mergers and acquisitions; in addition, the team also has rich industrial resources, maintains close connection with first-line institutions such as CDH and Gao Rong, and maintains good cooperation channels with the capital market , to assist the capital operation of listed companies, and carry out upstream and downstream linkages around invested companies.