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4 Suggestions for Inserting Banner Ads in Mobile Games

Mobile games are quietly reshaping mobile advertising. As a game developer, you know the more innovative design of ads in games, the more clicks your users will create to boost monetization. But due to multiple factors, your elaborate ads are used to being neglected by users and have done so in vain. So, are you worried about how to better insert ads in mobile games to create higher monetization revenue? Maybe you can start with Banner Ads first.


So, what is Banner Ads

Banner Ads, the earliest form of online advertising, is a rectangular image ad contains static or dynamics images and text to convey advertising information. Banner Ads is often displayed at the bottom of the game interface that can create the stable revenue. However, users' aversion to ads and inconspicuous placement of Banner Ads are likely to lead Click-through rate and eCPM to be lower. So, it is noticeable for you to display Banner Ads in a proper time and ways when you strive for high monetization revenue in mobile games.


4 suggestions to better insert Banner Ads

Banner Ads not only unilaterally transmits the information, but also needs to spur users to click on it. How to better insert Banner Ads is essential for you to create engaging experience and higher monetization revenue.

Here are our four suggestions for Banner Ads, whenever you embed it in mobile games, maybe these four would enhance your advertising revenue.

1- Don’t hinder players from playing games
If Banner Ads block the content of the game, it may degrade the user experience, and what’s worse, if the blocked games’ content happens to be the game area where players operate most frequently, it will cause a large number of players loss.
2-Increase the ads refresh mechanism appropriately
Assume that you are a game player, you’re certainly not be interested in a unchanged ad so that you don't feel like clicking on it to see what it really is. This means that you need to create visual changes by adding refresh mechanism so that the ads may appeal to users. This way will increase ads display, to a certain extent, will cause eCPM or CTR to decrease, whereas the value of ad clicks will increase, resulting in increasing the revenue.
3- Display Banner Ads alternately with different ad networks
According to dashboard of TopOn, when the game is connected to only one ad network, the ads returned by the network may be the same if the device repeatedly requests ads. In order to increase the diversity of ads content, we recommend that you can connect and display the ads in rotation between different ad networks.
4-Try to replace Banner Ads with Native Ads 
Many game developers have integrated ads into user experience through Native Ads. The reason why this way can increase your revenue is that advertisers usually budget more for Native Ads than Banner Ads. They believe that the placement and experience of the Native Ads will be better, and they are ready to invest more budget into the Native Ads, so compared with Banner Ads, it may contribute more revenue for you.


Wrapping up:

Advertising has always integrated with science and art. The emergence of Banner Ads means that the Internet could be used as a marketing communication tool became a reality. Hence, the innovative banner design and correct ways to embed it are worthy of developers’ attention to embrace more mobile app users and create higher monetization revenue.