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Technique | Strengthen data security for mobile developers, TopOn has now launched a privatization deployment service

With the development of the mobile internet, the role of big data empowerment is becoming more and more obvious. Especially nowadays when information security is becoming more and more important, business-related data is regarded as the "lifeblood" by more and more developers. With the increasing needs of developers for data security and efficient operation, TopOn has built a complete set of privatization deployment solution. While boosting the stable and efficient operation of developers’ business, it also improves data security. It is currently running now and we warmly welcome any interested developer team to come to consult.


TopOn privatization deployment solution

  • Exclusive mediation monetization platform

With the help of privatization deployment, TopOn will create exclusive mediation platform for developers. TopOn mediation management function and developer backend will be directly installed on developer server, and the generated data will also be stored there to achieve data privacy and security. At the same time, it can also meet the individual needs of developers such as functions or brand customization.


  • SDK open source transparency + Private security

The privatized solution and the fully open source SDK ensure that the data is completely transparent, private and safe from collection to application. TopOn will provide a special SDK for developers who choose the privatized deployment and replace the relevant data reporting address with the domain name of developer server.


  • Break data isolation and build BI systems

TopOn privatization deployment solution, on the one hand, allows product advertising monetization data to access multi-dimensional operational data. On the other hand, open up all platforms to allow developers to seamlessly access detailed data without restrictions, eliminate data isolation, complete their own BI system construction which can share and use product data more effectively and truly realize data empowerment.


TopOn privatization deployment service path

  • Step 1

After clarifying developer's privatization deployment requirements, TopOn will determine the quantity and configurations of servers that the developer needs to purchase based on the product scale, traffic areas, etc.


  • Step 2

After developer has deployed the relevant basic dependent services, TopOn will log in to developer server to deploy the relevant application services.


  • Step 3

After the application is deployed, TopOn will provide developers with a separate packaged SDK. Developers can complete the SDK integration with the help of TopOn document center, then release and launch after the test is verified,



  1. During the trial operation period, TopOn will not charge service fees for privatization deployments for the time being, developers only need to pay for server usage costs.
  2. The current privatization deployment provides basic data reports and operation functions which can meet the developers' regular monetization needs.
  3. Server costs may double if developers deploy servers at home and abroad respectively;
  4. TopOn will provide necessary technical support after deployment while the server will be mainly maintained by developers.


Further reading: privatization deployment

Privatization deployment is common in internet field It can be found in many segmented software markets such as IM, finance, storage, applets, and mobile payments. The core is to purchase and manage physical hardware such as servers and storage space by developers themselves (local deployment, or third-party service provider hosting or private cloud deployment), and resources are provided through a private network.



Privatization deployment advantages

  • More autonomous and flexible resources

Freely configure the environment, install components and set up services. It has strong control and great flexibility in the use of resources. It can even share data across applications, allowing easier access to server files.


  • Higher security

To store data on an exclusive server, it must be accessed through a computer authorized by developer to support self-setting of security policies, update system patches and program versions to reduce security risks.


  • Better performance

Dedicated server rentals allow 24/7 uptime with faster connection speeds.


Threshold of privatization deployment

  • Management deployment is time-consuming and laborious, requiring professional technical maintenance;
  • The price is expensive which is more suitable for medium and large teams and their business scale.


Privatization deployment is suitable for the development teams have following requirements and conditions.

  • There are requirements for data security.
  • Need to interface with internal data systems/applications.
  • Need to develop exclusive functions.
  • Have independent servers and technical operation and maintenance personnel.


For more details on privatization deployment, please contact TopOn's business operations staff for more information, or consult with business@toponad.com.