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TopOn China Alliance

Dear team,
Hope this finds you well!  This is Harry from TopOn. Nice to e-meet you.

TopOn -  as the Top #1 mediation platform in China, has  officially launched TopOn China Alliance project  to help overseas developers enter the Chinese market. If you are interest in the Chinese Market and want to release your apps here, We Can Help!

<About TopOn>
TopOn is an ad mediation platform that helps global app developers manage ad networks conveniently and maximize revenue lightly. Especially in China, TopOn becomes the Top #1 mediation platform. Until now, We have cooperated with around 400 companies, including Leiting Games, Tiptop, Cybergate, MiniPlay, XIAOMI Game, Tencent  etc...
We have supported rich local advertising platform resources (like Pangle, Tencent, Baidu, Kwai, Sigmob, Mintegal) and lots of global ad platforms. You could check our official website here as well: https://www.toponad.com/

<What is TopOn ChinaIn Alliance?>
TopOn China Alliance, bridge between game developers and local service providers. We provide one-step service to help overseas publishers release apps in China so as to expand Chinese market. We connect with local service providers: Distributor, Translation service, Agency, Media Buying Platform, Ad Network, Mediation.

<What We Can Do?>
If you want to publish your apps by yourself, TopOn can share the information of local service provides with you:
  • Issuance agencies
  • Media buying platforms
  • Qualification
  • Product optimization providers

If you want to work with a local distributor, TopOn can introduce the top ones like JoyPac, MagicStudio, Tencent and so on to you. Local distributor will help handle the entire project and sync to developers.

Besides, TopOn provides monetization solutions,We help to maximize your revenue and profit in Chinese market:
  • Smart Ads Mediation Platform
  • Intelligent and Efficient Mediation Function
  • Real Transparent Data Insight
Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us! Look forward to hearing from you soon.
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