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Product | TopOn ROI report for developers, here comes!

With the increasingly fierce competition in the Chinese advertising media buying market, the cost of media buying is rising rapidly. How to effectively measure the performance of acquired users and accurately calculate the ROI  are the major problems for developers. In this respect, TopOn has launched ROI data reports to help developers comprehensively and scientifically analyze the effects of media buying from multiple dimensions, such as advertising platforms, advertising groups, advertising plans, and creatives and help developers to optimize the entire process from media buying to monetization.


TopOn ROI report interface


How to use ROI reports


  • One-stop background management through connecting data with all third-party platforms

TopOn has integrated its own mediation monetization data with the cost from advertising platforms and activations from attribution platforms. Developers can view product operation data in TopOn dashboard, eliminating the trivial work of daily data processing and greatly saving operating costs, which help developers focus on product tuning and increase monetization benefits.


  • Formulate efficient and accurate product operation strategies

Helping developers get through monetization and media buying data, and provide ROI data in multiple dimensions including applications, advertising platform, advertising groups, advertising plans, creatives and regions. Developers can flexibly adjust the advertising media buying strategy based on the ROI effect, such as increasing the budget for channels with better ROI performance, and timely shutting down channels with poor ROI performance that cannot be repaid, so as to achieve efficient and accurate product operations.

ROI report integrates data

  • The advertising platform provides media buying cost data on the dimensions of advertising groups, advertising plans, and creativities.
  • The attribution platform provides detailed activation data and obtains advertising source information for each device.
  • Based on our own monetization data, TopOn integrates with various data resources to generate ROI reports.
  • In the future, TopOn will also integrate user behavior events reported by developers, such as in-app purchase payment data, to evaluate ROI effects more comprehensively.


ROI data integration architecture diagram

ROI report docking process


  • Step 1 - Business Contact

Developer communicates with TopOn account manager to determine which attribution platform and advertising platform to use before accessing to TopOn.


  • Step 2 - Configure the attribution platform and return activation data

TopOn provides configuration documents. Developers follow the steps to configure relevant information on the third-party attribution platform, and the attribution platform returns the activation data to TopOn.


  • Step 3 Authorize the API Token of the platform

Developer completes the API Token authorization of the advertising platform on TopOn background, and TopOn will regularly pull the cost data of the advertising and media buying.


  • Step 4 View ROI report

After completing the above two-step configuration, TopOn will connect the monetization and advertising data to provide developers with ROI data in multiple dimensions such as channels, advertising groups, advertising plans, creativity, and regions, helping developers to achieve efficient and accurate product operation strategies.


We have officially launch the ROI report function, any developer teams who interested in it can apply to the our account manager for permission.