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TOPSHOW | eCPM increased by 230%! "My Training School" achieve refined operation improvement of advertising revenue by using TopOn

"Close to life" is the source of most casual SIM games. For this time, TOPSHOW takes "My Training School" as an example to fully demonstrate how a casual SIM game can restore the real training and management mode in a small and beautiful way. At the same time, advertising is deeply integrated into the game to achieve a balance between advertising revenue and user gaming experience.



Game Introduction

"My Training School" is a SIM mobile game published by Leyo Game. In the game, the player will become the principal of a school to build the entire school through reasonable resource allocation to meet the needs of students in different subjects and skills. It is equipped with different teachers and different classes, so that more students will appear in their schools, and the chain and scale of education brands can be realized.


Game Analysis

The core of the gameplay of "My Training School" is to continuously upgrade every production material in the production environment, and finally make the large production sites meet the upgrade conditions. The decisions players need to take in the game include: improving enrollment promotion, speeding up registration, improving course content and teaching efficiency, integrating the number of students, teaching quality, and enrollment efficiency to achieve a double-speed increase in revenue.



After players reach a certain economic benefit and scale, they can gradually unlock other cities in the game to achieve chain development. There are cities such as "Shanghai", "Wudangshan", "Nanhai", "Daqing", and "Kunming" in the game. Each city requires the player to complete a designated task to unlock it. At the same time, the school will also unlock a new course.



Advertising Design Ideas

Focusing on the core of "accelerating resource output", the game has achieved a perfect combination of advertising space design and game mechanics. The game selects two advertising styles: interstitial and rewarded video. In addition to the regular revenue rewards, doubling, acceleration and other gain buffs, the interstitial ads are cleverly linked with rewarded videos: the player will activate the "pop-up window" after watching the rewarded video 4 times at the "double income" ad slot Protection", players will no longer be disturbed by interstitial ads that day.



Advertising Monetization Optimization Strategy

Before accessing TopOn, the game only integrated two advertising platforms, and there was no sorting logic. The optimization space was relatively narrow, and it could only be mechanically divided according to the advertising space, and refined operations could not be achieved. 

After using TopOn mediation, the following optimizations have achieved a significant increase in advertising monetization efficiency and revenue effects:

  1. Access to multiple advertising platforms

Through aggregation, multiple advertising platforms can be introduced efficiently and quickly, providing sufficient tuning space for refined traffic operations.

  1. With the help of segment group and waterfall layering functions for refined traffic operation
  • After the introduction of multiple advertising platforms, different advertising platforms are divided into high, medium, and low levels by setting the reserve price, and sorted according to the price from high to low. This hierarchical sorting is more reasonable than before, effectively increasing high-quality offers The chance of exposure.
  • Group different buying channels and set waterfalls separately. The traffic grouping function distinguishes the data of different buying channels, and adjusts the corresponding tiered price based on the actual eCPM performance of each group.
  • Use the segment group function to distinguish new and old users and implement different advertising strategies accordingly.

TopOn Operation Management Dashboard


  1. Observe the data indicators to adjust the monetization strategy in real time

The TopOn dashboard provides two sets of data for the game for comparative analysis, as well as revenue estimation data, hourly reports, LTV reports, ROI reports, etc. Based on the rich data report analysis, the game operation team makes timely strategic adjustments to the shortcomings. For example, according to the accurate LTV data to promote the adjustment of the purchase side, it will finally promote the positive cycle of the game project.


TopOn Data Report Dashboard


Monetization Tuning Effect

After accessing TopOn mediation platform, the game operation team made a comprehensive fine-tuning of traffic with the help of waterfall layering, segment group and other functions. In the end, the eCPM of "My Training School" achieved a substantial increase of 230%.



Casual SIM games taking materials from life scenes have become a common method for developers to establish projects, such as "Internet Cafe Simulator" and "Chinese Class Teacher" from domestic manufacturer Chengdu Pinyou, overseas manufacturer CrazyLabs "Cut My Duck", Voodoo "Super Mu Xuan 3D version, etc., the above popular masterpieces are all based on life scenes.



Although the two markets are in the same direction, there are obvious differences in gameplay and numerical methods. The overseas casual SIM games operation pays more attention to the restoration of the audiovisual level, while the domestic pays more attention to the content of the game content and the numerical system, which also created the difference in the design of the in-game advertising scene between the two: overseas focus on interstitial, domestic focus on rewarded video.

However, the balance between advertising revenue and user game experience is the focus of both, with the help of TopOn to monitor and analyze the core indicators of advertising revenue and user behavior data. It can effectively help the development of leisure simulation business games in different regional markets and realize the positive development of product ROI.


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