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TopOn x Kwai Network Mediation Partnership Announcement


We are pleased to announce that TopOn SDK has recently mediated with Kwai Network, the programmatic advertising network of Kwai, which provides efficient and timely services to developers through its high quality of monetization and product capabilities.


After TopOn Mediation Platform and Kwai Network formally completed the access, developers only need to issue version updates to immediately access, greatly improving the efficiency of network docking.


Through TopOn mediation, developers can complete Kwai Network's ad source setup, select ad formats, enable/disable ads, configure eCPM floor for ad space IDs in different regions, and other refined operation management and batch operations, and at the same time, support report API report pulling to summarize and display the performance of Kwai Network's ad revenue.


Kwai Network is deep in the Latin American market and has a global reach with high quality direct advertisers' budgets around the world. Especially in the Latin American market, Kwai Network is able to provide ads that outperform similar partners in the market, which is good for developers in terms of monetization results.


"As a globally oriented ad mediation platform, TopOn is a pure and fair third-party mediation platform. The backend operation panel is intuitive and simple, with all the core data, and the team's support attributes are fully loaded, which is very powerful. All developers need to do is to configure Kwai Network's ad space ids into TopOn's backend interface and it will take effect without any technical interfaces, which is very convenient!" —— Kwai Network


"We are very happy to recommend Kwai Network as a partner to help global developers grow their business, Kwai Network has excellent monetization and a great ad experience, especially in Latin America, and is able to effectively boost overall ARPDAU. At the same time, we believe that Kwai Network has the ability to become the standard ad source for overseas monetization, and more developers around the world will learn about Kwai Network!” —— TopOn


If you want to access Kwai Network through TopOn mediation, you are welcome to directly contact us via toponad.com/en/contact