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TopOn will present at the 2024 ChinaJoy with the latest ad monetization strategies, let's explore the path of monetization optimization together!

From July 26 to 29, 2024, the 21st ChinaJoy will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The global mobile advertising mediation monetization platform TopOn will exhibit, bringing the latest advertising monetization solutions and strategies to meet you at W4-B801 in the BTOB Business Hall.



Established in 2018, TopOn focuses on providing mobile developers with ad monetization revenue optimization services, creating an ad mediation platform based on strong technical strength and rich global mobile marketing resources. As a global mobile advertising monetization platform, TopOn's lightweight SDK supports mediation with mainstream global ad networks, meeting mobile advertising needs in various scenarios worldwide, making client open-source code visible, and achieving security, transparency, and reliability.


TopOn Mediation

TopOn is an ad mediation monetization platform that enhances ad monetization revenue for global mobile app developers. Developers can connect to more than 50 global ad networks through the TopOn SDK, achieving one-stop advertising, maximizing the revenue from each ad display, and increasing the monetization revenue by at least 20% compared to a single ad network.



Advanced Functions

Based on strong technical strength and rich experience in ad monetization, TopOn provides developers with convenient monetization functions such as Waterfall, Header Bidding, Segment Management, A/B Test, Cross Promotion, and Open API. These functions help developers quickly implement refined operation strategies, ensuring every ad exposure is filled with the most valuable content, reaching the peak of ad monetization revenue.



Data Empowerment

Thanks to a real-time monitoring system that supports the entire process, across regions, and around the clock, TopOn provides developers with multi-dimensional data support, raising ad monetization effects. An overall revenue overview, multiple combination windows, and analysis options can fully present the effects of ad monetization, key data display, including user duration, ad impression frequency, DEU, LTV, retention, and other key data indicators, provide an intuitive perspective for establishing a user lifecycle model.



Our Partners

As the product functions of TopOn continue to iterate and improve, the number of cooperative customers and products also grows rapidly. To this day, TopOn has cooperated with more than 15,000 customers and more than 45,000 products, covering global traffic, with daily ad requests exceeding 50 billion, daily ad displays at 3.8 billion, and daily active users at 500 million, still growing at a high rate. The scope of cooperative developers and products continues to extend globally.



The 2024 ChinaJoy enhances the commercial function and international atmosphere of the BTOB exhibition hall through international cooperation and professional audience invitations. The organizer, in conjunction with media and enterprises, holds activities to provide diversified services, offering comprehensive brand promotion and marketing strategies for participating companies to maximize the exhibition effect and commercial value. Looking forward to the 2024 ChinaJoy, where TopOn with a global perspective will present more exciting content!


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