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UpArpu officially renamed to TopOn

Today, “TopOn” will officially replace “UpArpu” as our new name. We enabled a new domain name: www.toponad.com, and a series of product names and official accounts such as WeChat public account, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. will be renamed. Our system and services are as good as ever and will not affect the use and experience of any developer.

Our new brand logo combines the initial letter T with upward arrows and aircraft to represent the layout of the global Strategy and business development. "TopOn" also implies our requirements for our own products and services, providing the world's developers with the best resources, products and services. In the future, we will continue to enhance product strength and service strength, and bring higher advertising monetization revenue and better services to global developers.


"UpArpu" stems from our team pure original intention, helping the global developers increase the Average Revenue Per User. With the continuous development of business, we come to realize that developers need to enhance not only critical data, but also systematic solutions that effectively exploit user value and requirements. "TopOn" is further enhanced on this basis to maximize the advertising revenue for global developers, provide the world's top advertising monetization resources and management optimization services, and explore the value of users' data chain to maximize the global value for developers.


We firmly believe that global developers can make better products and achieve globalization with better monetization revenue, and that’s why TopOn customizes exclusive advertising monetization strategies for each mobile application and game, analyzes each key data to find the best combination of monetization, accelerates data processing with big data, cloud computing and other technologies, and try not to miss any advertising display opportunities to select the highest real-time price.


As a 100% unbiased platform, TopOn will, as always, provide professional products systems and services, customize the most suitable and highest-yield advertising monetization strategy and discover the worth of each user for developers. In the future, we will continue to strive for excellence and provide better quality advertising optimization and monetization services for global developers, so as to thank global developers for their long-term attention and support!