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Going online for 6 days and topping the US iOS list, TopOn helps "Pocket Sniper!" perfectly!

Recently, "Pocket Sniper!", which is monetized by TopOn, has officially entered the US iOS market. After 6 days of launch, it reached the top of the iOS free list and game list in the United States, and has been on the top of the list so far. As of July 14, the game has been listed in 98 c...

4 Suggestions for Inserting Banner Ads in Mobile Games

Mobile games are quietly reshaping mobile advertising. As a game developer, you know the more innovative design of ads in games, the more clicks your users will create to boost monetization. But due to multiple factors, your elaborate ads are used to being neglected by users and have done so in vain...

AB Testing: An Effective Way to Find the Maximum Revenue of Advertising Monetization

As an ad mediation platform, TopOn focuses on providing monetization and optimization services for mobile game and app developers worldwide. Recently, we launched a practical function A/B testing.A/B testing can be enabled directly via TopOn dashboard without code and version. It can optimize the ad...